Why Molecule Market?

List your chemical inventory for free. Manage orders, shipping and feedback through a simple online interface.

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Unlimited Listings

Unlimited Listings

List and maintain and unlimited number of products at no cost. Easily add or edit products at any time. We will even help you list your first submission… for free!

Buyer Access

Buyer Access

Access a growing number of U.S. chemical buyers to showcase your products. Enable advertising and marketing programs to further promote your brand.

Automated Logistics

Automated Logistics

Automated logistics make shipping products simple and efficient. Track your shipment to its final destination.

Supplier Catalog

Organize and display your catalog in a clear and concise manner for optimal visibility and improved customer experience.

Supplier Dashboard

Customized supplier dashboard helps to visualize and maintain products, orders, sales, statistics and marketing.

Supplier Shop

Develop an online brand shop to showcase products and branding.

Easy to Navigate Supplier Dashboard

Add Products. Update Inventory. Communicate with Buyers. View and Ship Orders. Manage all of your activities from one centralized platform.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why sell my products on Molecule Market?

Molecule Market is the ideal platform for sellers to market and sell their products and more importantly, their excess inventory.  Via advertising campaigns, social marketing and optimization, the marketplace actively advertises and optimizes the marketplace to attract the maximum number of buyers, researchers and institutions that are looking for rare and unique chemicals. 

Is listing products on Molecule Market free?

Yes, you can load unlimited products FOR FREE.  By using the supplier dashboard and custom bulk load feature, suppliers will also be able to post unlimited listings, view their account activity, improve their optimization, customize your Seller Store and maintain your catalog.

What is involved in listing a product?

It’s simple.  All we need is product information, availability and price.  Molecule Market will take care of the rest.

Listings can either be loaded individually or bulk loaded.  Our bulk load feature allows for loading any number of products and all associated data simultaneously and very quickly. 

What is a Seller Store?

Suppliers can choose to create a Seller Store where they can display and feature information about their brand, vision and products.  Seller Stores can promote higher visibility amongst buyers by offering a focused platform for their listings.

As a seller, what is the transaction process?

Post your listings either directly or by creating a Seller Store.  Once a sale is made, you will be emailed an order for you to process.  Prepare the product properly and use our logistics system to print a shipping label to attach to package.  Payment will be issued generally within a week of the package being delivered.

What is required to sell products on Molecule Market?

Molecule Market’s goal is to provide quality products and efficient service.  Acceptable purity levels, data, compliance as well as updated inventory, on time shipping and swift responses to questions are required parameters for all sellers.