Frequently Asked Questions from Buyers on Molecule Market

Frequently Asked Questions from Buyers on Molecule Market
May 27, 2023

You’re in need of quality chemicals, ready-to-ship molecules, and unique and rare chemical compounds, so you smartly navigated to Molecule Market. Check out these most frequently asked questions we receive from new buyers who visit our website.

Why Molecule Market?

With the use of advanced industry search tools, Molecule Market helps you identify rare and unique products from around the world. With a few clicks, search results can be filtered for purity, price and lead time requirements and a customized checkout and integrated logistics help get products to you in a reliable, timely, organized and cost efficient manner.  We streamline the time consuming process of locating chemicals, allowing you to get back to the business of achieving your research goals.

Who can buy/sell on Molecule Market?

Buyers and sellers undergo a vetting process to verify a professional interest in chemical products and are required to have a legitimate organization to assure a high standard of transparency in the marketplace experience.

How do I see my order status online?

When you login to your account, you will be able to see a complete status of current orders placed as well as a history of previous purchases.  A tracking number will allow you with your order confirmation to track your package.

A scientist searching for chemicals on Molecule Market

How much will shipping be for my order?

Our landed cost feature on the site will calculate shipping from the supplier to your location as well as any applicable duties, taxes and handling fees. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

Depending on the location of the buyer and seller, an estimated delivery date will be provided to you at checkout.  Molecule Market will do everything it can to ensure prompt delivery.

Are products on Molecule Market of high quality?

Molecule Market suppliers are thoroughly vetted and verified. In order for suppliers to sell on our marketplace, they must agree to quality and logistic requirements. Buyers and sellers are also able to view reviews and comments for further transparency.

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